Building brighter futures


Songo has humble beginnings: from a dream of providing a safe space for children to play on bikes, it has evolved into an Educational and Sports programme focused on creating a long-term impact for the children in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch.


Our key objective is that every child who comes through the Songo programme goes on to be a confident, well-rounded individual who is gainfully employed and a contributing member of the community. We currently have 85 children from ages 6 to 24 years within the Songo family.

Our Values


be open, polite, well-mannered and punctual at all times. Respect each other, your equipment and your environment.


be truthful, be yourself and be trustworthy.


be responsible, do what you say you will. Be responsible for yourselves, each other, your equipment and your environment.


be reliable, dedicated and consistent.

We strive to improve the lives of children living in Kayamandi by providing them a safe place to play, grow and develop.