Cycling Progress Report – October 2023


Progress Report

2023 has been a busy year of riding and racing for the children in the programme. Having joined as senior coach this year Brad Stow reflects on the progress which has been made and where there is room for growth in the remainder of the year and heading into 2024.

Coach Brad Stow with the songo a few of the songo kids at a WP BMX race.

songo Tots:

It’s quite easy to see this groups progression over the past 6 months, which is also to be expected, because these kids are at an age where they are learning and growing very quickly. They love being on their bikes. We have had two kids advance from balance bikes to pedal bikes and they are now competing at local BMX races, which is amazing.

The songo Tots have progressed quickly this year.

I feel that the areas we need to work on with these kids are braking and being aware of others around them. My goal for this group, for the next two months, is to get them all to comfortably ride the entire songo BMX track in a safe and controlled manner.

Grade R to Grade 6:

This groups progression is less obvious with certain kids and more obvious with others. Generally speaking, the kids have all improved their bike skills or fitness in some way but certain kids are keener to push themselves while others are happy to just enjoy their time outdoors. That’s is also fine and creating the space for both competitive and recreational cycling within the programme is something we pride ourselves on being able to do. Especially because some of the kids who are competitive now might go through a phase of not wanting to race, while those who are just riding might become competitive in high school.

Areas to improve on with those who are eager to race are to correct jumping technique, practice gate starts, as well as to teach them how and when to use their brakes.

Progress report

Goals for the next two months are to get at least four of the kids, who have never jumped, to jump for the first time. I’m also working individually with the girls in the group to get each of them to learn to do something on the track, that they have never done before.

Grade 7 to Grade 12:

At this age it becomes harder for the kids to progress as quickly, as they did when they were younger. This is due to extra school work, pressure from outside of the programme as well as the fact that some of the older kids are already very skilled riders already, so naturally won’t progress as quickly as a beginner rider. I find that the best way to keep them motivated and improving is for them to feed off of each other and push each other in a healthy way.

I can then guide them and make sure they have the correct technique and that they don’t try things they are not ready for. Generally, the younger kids and a few of the less experienced older kids have improved the most out of this group.

Progress report

Areas to improve on are endurance, explosive speed, gate starts, bike setup and gearing.

Goals for the next two months are to spend more time on the MTB and focus on fitness training. I would also like to get more of the girls racing and to organize a girl’s specific ride with Nicole.