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Year End celebration for 2015

17 Dec 2015

The day started off with a trip up the beautiful Table Mountain via the cable car. This was a first for all our kids and although there was some nervousness about the trip up the mountain, once the cable car got moving the nerves were replaced with awe and wonder.

After some time wondering exploring and pointing out the various landmarks it was time to venture down and head to the much anticipated 2nd part of the outing - the afternoon spent at the Sea Point Pavilion pool. This was without a doubt the highlight of the day with the kids only (very reluctantly) getting out of the water for lunch and again for presents and prize giving.

Group photo - Sea Point
Thank you to all the individuals who contributed financially (the generous UK crew) as well as Twizza for the cooldrinks, gazebo & umbrella's andSpecialized Bicycles for the contribution towards the gifts.

Lastly, thank you to the following people who gave of their time and made sure that the day was a special one: Cherise, Arien, Julia, Eunice, Darryn, Kathy, Sipho and Svig - you guys rock!