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Western Cape Spur MTB High School league Finals at Paul Roos, Stellenbosch

20 Sep 2016

We had 12 boys that took part in the Western Cape Spur Mountain bike High School league, which took place in Paul Roos High School, Stellenbosch on the 17th September. This year our focus was to have a consistent number of kids taking part in the Spur Schools MTB League - with our riders competing in sub-junior, youth and junior boys categories. 

Spur League MTB - Jersey


Getting the kids prepared to race takes a lot of hard work and we are greatly thankful to Shevaan for helping us out with training and skills sessions - especially when I am busy with my racing and I can't spend as much time with the kids as I would like too. In the first Spur league race they were far behind, but it has been really cool to see the big improvement that all of them make at each event. I am especially happy with their improvement considering some of the boys have had to spend less time on their bikes and more time with their studies.

Spur League MTB                   In the past few years we tried to give all the kids a chance to ride in the League races (rotating them around) but unfortunately the incosistency didnt help them and we saw little improvement in confidence and strength from race to race. This year we decided to change direction and decided to have a consistent team that would get the opportunity to enter each race. We worked with them to focus on their goals for the upcoming races which made a huge difference in the way the kids raced and focused their energy! They have improved so much with every race, it makes me wish that there were still a few more races in the league this season. 

Spur League MTB - Zizo

Zizo finished 5th yesterday in sub-junior boys category. He is one of our talented BMX riders who is now trying his hand at MTB racing as well. The Spur Schools league was a perfect start for him.

Spur League MTB - Someleze 1Luntu, who was racing as a youth, finished 10th in the second last race and 15th this weekend. He is definitely one of our upcoming talenteds.

Someleze (Star), racing as a youth, finished 10th this weekend. He doesn't talk much but can and does surprise you with his skill on the bike.

Bukho (Aero), raced as youth B. Having only started this year in the program it was all about getting experience this year, and he improved so much in such a short time!

Ntlatla (Jersey), raced a junior, is one of the more boisterous boys in the program. It's good to see how much he has improved in the last few spur league race over the last few months, and how comfortable he is on the bike.

Spur League MTB - 2

The next step with the boys will be to set individual goals for the 2017 Spur Schools MTB league. Our goal as will be to try and have at least 4 of our kids making it to the Nationals Spur Schools league race at the end of the 2017 league.

Thanks to the whole team and everyone for the support especially to Morne and Svig for making sure that their bikes are in top condition and big thanks to Shevaan as well for helping out with the training.