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We're hiring.... Programme Manager wanted!

12 Apr 2017

Programme Manager

Location: Stellenbosch, Kayamandi

Direct reporting line: CEO

Number of persons managed direct:  3-4

Position: permanent

Overview is a social development program based in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch which uses sport & education to provide opportunities for children to play, grow and learn while instilling the necessary life skills needed for a brighter future.  is currently in a restructuring phase so the successful candidate will be required to assist in the role out of the programme’s vision for growth.

Roles & Responsibilities                                        

  • Develop and manage criteria for admission to and exit from the programme.
  • Develop and manage criteria around the educational support (incl tertiary support), life skills programme and sport programme i.e. structuring the service does currently and can in the future provide.
  • Develop specific programmes/output around the above offerings within the said criteria.
  • Manage & formalise member application, registration & registry (including indemnity and updated member database).
  • Responsible for the development of the overall sport, life skills and educational programme and implementation thereof to ensure that the various focus areas work together and the desired goals are achieved.
  • Cross networking with MFSM (Marketing, Sponsorship and Fundraising Manager) and AM (Administration Manager) roles to ensure all goals are aligned and all practical aspects are in place to achieve day-to-day activities and long-term goals.
  • Identify and implement activities for the holiday programme.
  • Identify volunteers and areas they can be utilised.
  • Identify partners to assist and grow the programme i.e. tutors for areas where kids needs additional assistance.
  • Leverage other organisations in the area in service of education and sport.
  • Manage budget allocation.
  • Monitoring kids progression from a sport & schooling point of view.
  • Ensure accountability from team members and kids.
  • Together with the CEO implement continuous performance reviews and appraisals of team members.
  • Manage all assets associated with the programme.


General roles & responsibilities applicable to all team members                                                             

  • Attendance and active participation in team meetings, during events, the holiday programme and any other programme activities.
  • Ensure the kids are held accountable for chores and behaviour.                      
  • Safety and security of children within the programme.
  • Security at the clubhouse
  • Supply content for social media.    
  • Cleanliness and order in and around the clubhouse as well as on outings and at events.
  • Support visits and tours by 3rd parties.
  • Support sponsorship relationship.                                                             
  • Live the vision.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  •  Strong team player with an ability to manage a team.
  • Sound leadership qualities and ability to self motivate.
  • Advanced experience within the Education / teaching  / childcare fields. (Associated diploma or Bachelors degree advantageous)
  • Approachable personality with an absolute passion for working with youth and supporting and witnessing their growth and development is essential.
  • Must be able to handle issues with diplomacy, tact and cultural sensitivity.
  • Interests in sport (cycling interest beneficial but not essential).
  • Strong administrative, organisational and time management skills with the ability to prioritise requirements efficiently and effectively.
  • Strong computer literacy (Word, Excel, Internet, Emails)
  • Open to travel occasionally and willingness to work some weekends.
  • Fluent in English and Xhosa beneficial but not essential.
  • Valid Drivers license and own transport.
  • Annual first aid training will be required which will be provided for by the organisation.


Salary range: Experience dependent.


Please send CV and motivation letter to


No job description can be all embracing. Associated duties which can be reasonably considered to be part of the job shall form part of the job responsibilities. In addition, if required, an employee may be allocated to other temporary duties, provided these are in keeping with his/her skills and experience.

The Programme Manager will at all times, act with professionalism in all activities.