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WC Spur high School MTB league #3

05 Sep 2016

This year we have been fortunate to have a number of our younger riders in the programme participating in the Spur Schools League. By younger kids we mean sub-junior and youth age groups as well as our juniors who have been racing really well in the league.

On Saturday, we had 11 boys that took part in the race in Montana, Worcester. It was great to be there and support them. 


Spur League 27 Aug 2016 -1

Spur League 27 Aug 2016 -2There has been a huge improvement in the younger kids riding since the last two events, which is a really positive sign that the training they are putting in is paying off.

Spur League 27 Aug 2016 -3

I was impressed with their racing and the determination they showed - they really gave everything they had. This is what Luntu had to say after the race "The track was my 

favorite today, I started well and it was good to be 8th position the whole race until the last lap when I got tired and lost a few positions. I'm really excited to race the last one in Stellenbosch"

Zizo who raced as a sub-junior also commented after the race "I enjoyed the race today, it was better for me than the last one except for losing my bottle cage but am happy with 7th"Spur League 27 Aug 2016 -5

Even though the kids aren't spending as much time on their bikes right now as they are focusing more on their studies at the moment, there has been such a big improvement in their riding. I am feeling very positive about the next Spur Schools League event that will be here in Stellenbosch.

Thanks to Shevaan for helping out with the training and and for giving them the opportunity to go out and race. Also huge thanks to Meurant, Michelle and the Amarider team for organising such great events and supporting us with entries!