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Victories for Andreassen and Kleinhans at the MTO Champions Race

11 Mar 2016

Wednesday, 9th March saw the worlds best mountain bikers visit our home in Kayamandi for the annual MTO Champions Race. This event has a very special place in our hearts bringing communities together – the mountain bike community and the community of Kayamandi, in a display of talent and good spirited competition. The vibe is always electrical, with kids lining the streets cheering loudly and the riders giving it all on the unique course and environment. 

Racing through the streets of Kayamandi

 The unique sights of the MTO Champions race. Photo credit: Johan Badenhorst

It was a fierce battle of the Simons for the title of champion of the 2016 MTO Champions Race with Simon Andreassen taking the glory in the end. Simon Stiebjahn finished second after the two youngsters raced full gas for more than 45 minutes. Calle Friberg took the last spot on the winners’ podium.

Andreassen & Stiebjahn battling it out 

Stiebjahn setting the pace up the steep climb. Photo credit: Ewald Sadie


“I had such a good race. It was so much fun. It was hard for sure, but the route was very exciting. Not to mention the intensity with which we raced. It was so different with all the kids all over the course!” said Andreassen.

 Excited kids lined the course

Enthusiastic kids lined the streets. Photo credit: Johan Badenhorst


“It was hard. We fought each other on a challenging route. It was a battle on every lap. When he attacked on the last climb I just could not follow, but I am happy with how I raced today. It was a great experience,” added Stiebjahn, who like Andreassen raced for the first time in the MTO Champions Race.

 A small but competitive field in the ladies race

A small but star studded Ladies field. Photo credit: Ewald Sadie


Kleinhans also had to fight hard for her victory. Triathlete Flora Duffy was second followed by Specialized’s Annika Langvad. Duffy showed some amazing skills to challenge the full time mountain bikers.

 Triathlete Flora Duffy mixing it up with the MTBers

Flora mixing it up at the sharp end of the race. Photo credit: Ewald Sadie


“Once again it was really a cool race. It is a pity though that not more women came to race to make it more competitive, but in the same breath Flora was super strong today. Luckily I had Annika helping me and we used some road race team tactics! Still Flora raced like a champion,” said Kleinhans.

 Ariane on her way to winning the ladies race

Ariane on her way to winning the ladies race. Photo credit: Ewald Sadie


“The route had some more corners this year, but I wont say it was tougher than last year. It was challenging as always. It is like a criterium race on the dirt! It was great fun and a perfect last race before the Epic.”

 Excited crowds surround Christoph

Excited kids jostle to meet Christoph - the home favourite. Photo credit: Ewald Sadie



MEN: 1. Simon Andreassen; 2. Simon Stiebjahn; 3. Calle Friberg; 4. Tom Bohme; 5. Daniel Geismayr.

Mens podium

Photo credit: Ewald Sadie


WOMEN: 1. Ariane Kleinhans; 2. Flora Duffy; 3. Annika Langvad; 4. Candice Neethling; 5. Vera Adrian.

Ladies Podium

Photo credit: Ewald Sadie