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Tools needed for our Bike Maintenance program

03 Sep 2016

Svig has been doing the best job he can with what he has on hand to service the bikes in the program. With us having worked hard to improve the maintenance of our bikes in our program, we have now come to the point that we need to upgrade the tools that we have as well as get some which we have never had the luxury of having. 

Svig and Morne have put together a wish list of tools/items that they need to do their job to the best of their ability.  

There are 2 options of toolboxes - one is more costly than the other (we really don't mind which brand/make), in addition we are looking for a work stand and a wheel truing stand. We would also welcome second hand if in good working order.  

 Parktool Toolbox:

R8700,00 ex VAT

Pedros Toolbox:

$ 11000 (R15 950,00)

Parktool Toolbox


 Pedros Toolbox


 Wheel Truing Stand:


Work Stand:


 Wheel Truing Stand

 Work Stand


If you are able to help us in any way we would be greatly appreciative!