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The start of something special: online foundation phase learning introduced to!

12 Sep 2016

It's been a week since we found ourselves in the position where we were finally ready to launch the Reading Eggs programme to our learners. Having faced many challenges from sourcing and setting up the computers, robbery, resourcing more computers, internet connectivity etc this has been no small feet, but we have been determined to get this project off the ground and we finally did!

Reading Eggs is an online foundation phase english programme, the access to which, has been provided to us via The Click Foundation. The introduction of this literacy program is an incredible addition to our programme and one which will no doubt have a very positive impact on our kids lives.   

Starting Reading Eggs - 2

To fully benefit from the programme, each learner needs to spend a minimum of 1hr on the Reading Eggs programme per week. This has led us to become even more structured in terms of how we balance and structure our kids time with us, providing them with the opportunity to ride and have fun while also supporting them with their current homework and addressing learning gaps that have grown.

Starting Reading Eggs - 3

The excitement from our kids was something very special to watch when they sat down infront of the computers to start their first session.  

Testiment to the ethos of contributing back, was the presence of Azukile Simayile who has been intrigal to the success of the launch of this initiative. Azu had been a member of our programme for a few years, he is not only a talented athlete but is an amazing young adult. Azu is studying IT networking at CPUT and is giving back to by donating his time to help our kids with the Reading Eggs Programme - without him this would not have been possible, his enthusiasm and support of the kids was great to watch.

Azu helping with Reading Eggs                   


We need to call out the special people and organisations for making this possible:

The Click Foundation: For providing access to the Reading Eggs programme, huge thanks in particular to Asper for the training and on going encouragement.

MTO group: For the very generous financial support of our educational programme!

Transaction Junction: For providing the logistical set up and ensuring that all is running smoothly.

Twizza: For gifting us computers to us when ours were stolen. 

Liz Ward - Education programme manager: For finally taking our dreams and plans into the realms of reality.

Eunice Myataza- Homework co-ordinater & teacher: For your tireless passion and care.

Azukile Simayile - member: For giving of your time to work with the kids through their modules


Thank you! 

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