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Stage 2: Elgin - Elgin

17 Mar 2015

Although the day starting out with gail force winds and extreme weather early on in the day this did little to dampen team Investec-songo-Specialized performance where they looked dominant throughout on the 92km stage.

Stage 2

 The lead bunch leaving Oak Valley, Elgin at the start of Stage 2. Credit Nick Muzik

Stage 2 podium

Stage 2 podium: 1st Investec-Songo-Specialized, 2nd Topeak Ergon (Lakata/Hynek) + 2:18, 3rd Multivan Merida +5:58. Photo Credit: Kathy Crabbe

Not only does Susi & Jaro's great performance on todays stage ensure that they remain in the yellow Leaders jersey going into Stage 3 but they extend their lead over the BULLS (Platt / Huber) to more than 6 minutes!

Yellow jersey presentation

The day goes according to plan & the lead is extended. Photo Credit: Shaun Roy 

After a tough day yesterday for Azu & Sip (Investec-songo-Specialized 2) they focused on settling into a rhythm and enjoying the ride – and that is exactly what they did! Having spent many hours in Oak Valley riding the surrounding trails, they felt comfortable and confident going into the stage and loved the days ride. Finishing todays stage feeling strong is just what was needed after yesterday’s challenging day and they are looking forward to tomorrows stage where they will be covering 129km as they head towards Worcester. Coming across the line with Exxaro PWC the time they are needing to make up is 14,45 – so fingers crossed that they have another good day and can start chipping away at Exxaro PWC’s lead.

A good day out on stage 2

The team were full of smiles after a great day of riding, Sipho & Azu with two proud supporters Songo Fipaza & Darryn Stow. Photo Credit: Kathy Crabbe