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Stage 1 of the Absa Cape Epic

28 Mar 2011

Stage 1 of the Absa Cape Epic

There was great excitement in the 36ONE-SONGO-SPECIALIZED camp this morning as the guys were ready for action.

Stage 1 proved, as predicted, to be a very exciting start to the Absa Cape Epic. The stage was technical, hilly and, general feedback – tough, in true style of Day 1 of the Epic.

The guys got off to a flying start, with all the teams rearing to go! Dusty and hilly, the first leg was challenging. Burry said at times on the descent they were just flying down through the dust unable to see anything in front of them.

Christoph had a small crash, luckily he and bike were ok but they managed to make a quick fix to the bike handlebars and were on their way again.

Standing at the finish line we were not sure which team was in front, but eventually we caught a glimpse of the yellow jerseys and knew that our guys had dominated once again!

Congratulations team 36ONE-SONGO-SPECIALIZED, we all rooting for you!