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Stage 1: Elgin - Elgin

16 Mar 2015

The day started out with a rush of adrenalin & not in a good way! 2 minutes before Azu & Sip were to load into the start shoot extremely bad luck struck. Whether it was a piece of glass or a nail, the slash was so substantial that the undesirable position of plugging the tyre on the start line was not even an option. And so the team set about locating and changing the tyre at breakneck speed to the background sound of the start gun being fired. 5 minutes later, a little flustered, they headed out onto the course.  Not an ideal way to start the first stage but this is the Epic and these things happen.

Azu and Sip fought back bravely catching the Exarro PWC team at the top of Groenlandberg but unfortunately their hard efforts to bridge the gap came back to haunt them later in the day and they ended up finishing the stage in 3rd place losing over 13:37 min to Exxaro PWC and losing the Exxaro jersey. A tough day out for them but it's early days and they have it in them to come back from this. 

Azu looks on as Sipho is interviewed about the day's challenges 

Azu looks on as Sipho is interviewed about the day's challenges.

Family support

Sipho's sister Kayakazi (& Azu's cousin) was super proud to see the boys cross the stages finish line.

In the quest for the Yellow Jersey, we were kept on our toes with a few mechanicals causing Jaro and Susi to drop off the Bulls but they always came back and it was with great pride and excitement that we cheered them across the finish line. What an awesome way for our Investec sponsors to experience their first Epic stage and for the team to kick off the first stage with a solid win.  

For spectators watching the battle for the Yellow Jersey there as a fair amount of anticipation and tension watching the updates of Jaro & Susi dropping off the Bulls due to a puncture and a change of rear wheel. But no concern was warrented as both times Jaro & Susi seemingly effortlessly bridged the gap and steamed ahead to take the 1st stage with 51' to spare. What an awesome way for our sponsors Investec to experience their first Epic stage with a win! 

Stage 1 win!

What a great way to kick off the first stage!

Winners yellow bouquets

The Investec team with the team winners bouquets.