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Spur Schools Mountain Bike League event #4: Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch

20 Sep 2017

Race report by: Prince Ntsodo, Programme Manager.

We had a great awesome Saturday at Paul Roos Gymnasium School attending the last race of the year for the Spur League. The weather was awesome in the Boland region with a light breeze cooling us down from the mountains, the Songo boys & girls were very excited about the event with their mission in mind being to do their best in every way possible and not giving up until the finish line.

Likho was our first racer of the day and even though he started at the back of the pack but he finished the race within the top 20! With each lap he improved until the crossed the finish line - the boy definitely has talent. Lakhanya and Amila they were next in line to show us what they could do, their names were called for the line-up, with Amila in the second row and Lakhanya in the third.

 Amila & Lakhanya

While Amila started off pretty easy, Lakhanya started out with full gas and didn't take any prisoners finishing in the top 10.  Amila got stronger as he went along, coming in just outside the top 10. Congrats to both boys who have definitely improved from race to race.

Zizo started at the only pace he knows - at full gas and he lead the race from start to finish. He was very proud to come home with a top podium position.

 Top Podium position

Mzwandile surprised everyone with his performance - compliments to the coach and his hard work, he has improved a lot and he gave it his all until the finish line.

The girls loved their race and showed great spirit in finishing what they started and not giving up. The boys were all supporting them on the sidelines cheering for them which definitely added to the motivation.

Girls lining up

The last group had strong competition that needed skill and power to do well.  Again compliments to the coach, Someleze did wonders again from start to finish riding with great concentration and intensity. He was followed in full force by Luntu and then Sikhumbule, who was not at his best but what is important was that he finished what he started.

To conclude, everybody who participated gave their best and motivated each other to do well - it was a great day out and the kids all had a lot of fun. 


Huge thanks to the event organisers, Amarider and sponsors for this fantastic league and to our sponsors who make it possible for us to attend.