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Special visits and pursuing longer term relationships with Mike Horn

28 Sep 2012

Mike Horn and his team of aspiring adventurers from the Young Explorers Program made Kayamandi, Stellenbosch one of the destinations on their recent exploration of southern African. We are so honoured to have such an inspiring and accomplished explorer visit our program and foster relationships with

They brought with them not only their stories of exciting adventures to remote places and exotic destinations but also 16 Specialized Rockhoppers bikes and helmets to be donated to The bikes were donated following the Pangea Explorers adventures through Namibia and South Africa. The children from Kayamandi and the Young Explorers enjoyed interactions over bicycles and cake as Mike Horn shared stories and inspiration with us all. He even gave our BMX track a go racing with some of the young songo boys!

Dreaming, being goal orientated and tenacious is very much a part of the songo kid’s lives but the stories shared by Mike and his explorers cast open the nets of incredible feats that can be possible. “What we dream we can do” encouraged Mike.  We have an incredible plaque as a reminder of this and look forward to staying touch to see what other things may be possible together.

One thing is certain; the inspiration is long-lasting and the plaque reminds us that what we put our minds to, we can achieve. We look forward to developing the relationship and welcoming the Young Explorers back to Kayamandi. The bikes have already been put into action as our songo riders have been training and racing through the winter season, enabling more young guys on bikes, especially training and developing riding skills.

Subsequently Mike Horn’s team have been in touch with us to look at further support and assistance. We are immensely grateful for their support and especially to Colin van Zyl for making this possible. We look forward to growing the relationship and becoming a frequent destination on the Pangea’s adventures. Who knows maybe someday soon some of our guys will join the Pangea Young Explorers program!