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18 Dec 2011

On Saturday 10 December 2011, several supporters of assisted the team in holding a year-end party for the kids to celebrate all the great achievements for 2011 and to set goals for 2012.

We had lots of fun going through old magazines and sticking, drawing, colouring pictures that represented their goals for 2012. It's always so special to share in a dream-building process with the kids and to see how much they all love all riding and also how consciencious they are regarding school. They really want to do well and achieve all they can. The experience was not only fun and rewarding for kids but also for those of us that got to share in the process with the kids. It was a treat to share this experience.

We also enjoyed lots of sweets, chips and all the treats that come out for parties!

It was also really great to think back to last year this time and consider all the achievements of 2011 and all the adventures various kids had been on including several of them flying for the first time ever and racing all across South Africa and even to Lesotho. It's been a fun year!

The kids have set audacious goals for 2012 and so too have we, as we really hope to be able to get a minibus for the program as well build our songo clubhouse and so too build a home for our program.

We hope to look back to 2011 and think about the audacious goals we set and how we have managed to achieve these too!

As Eleanor Rooseveld once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Big thank you to the supporters who came along to help out... including Chantelle, Karen, Eckhard, Dan, Bronwyn, Earl and Josie and the Munnik family as well as Gerrit who brought a whole lot of Mxit t-shirts and Adidas who arrived with sunglasses for the kids.