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songo reaches new heights

12 Oct 2012

For the very first time since the founding of, two of our most dedicated athletes were selected to represent South Africa at an international race. To say that we are proud parents is an understatement; we are just brimming with pride and excitement to see how far these two young athletes have come. They are the most exceptional mentors, showing their peers what is achievable through hard work, dedication and tenacity.

Our participation in duathlon events was all made possible by Brett Chilcott from Room to Grow who guided us the regional events, following the Sipho and Azukile’s great success at the Absa Cape Epic. The conversation started one day as we discussed the plans for our clubhouse garden that Pure Planet and Room to Grow are sponsoring for us. We could not have been more excited as the two guys qualified in the Western Province regional events and then went on to the national event, where they qualified to represent South Africa. 

The build up to World Duathlon Championships generated quite a buzz in Kayamandi as South African national tracksuits and trisuits were ordered for the guys in preparation for their trip. I am sure there were some very proud moms and family members who got a glimpse of the boys in their South African kit.

Finally on 16 September Songo Fipaza  departed from Cape Town International Airport with, Azukile Simayile and Sipho Madalo, destine for Nancy in the north eastern part of France.

The trip began with a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg to meet up with the rest of the South African team, where they all flew together to Nancy, via Dubai. This long distance travelling is something quite new to the young guys and took a little wind out of the sails after such a long haul. By the time they reached Nancy, they were utterly exhausted and spent the next few days recovering and acclimatising to the higher levels in altitude. 

There was time for a little fun and sight-seeing with Coach Songo but too much so as race day was soon upon the boys and they had to push their bodies to the limit against a multitude of world class athletes. Sipho raced in the 20 - 25 age group and at 21 years of age he did an amazing jop of coming 35th in a time of 02:22:20. Azukile who raced in the 18 - 19 age group came 8th in a time of 02:16:21. 

The boys had an amazing experience that will stay with them for years to come. We are so proud to be raising our own stars right out of Kayamandi who are fast becoming an inspiration to all the songo kids; showing them that with hard work and dedication they can achieve all their dreams! Never have we been more proud, these boys have worked so hard and come so far, they are our inspiration too.