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Songo heads to Europe to take part in the Duoro Mountain Bike Race

09 Oct 2011

Songo Fipaza was given a wonderful opportunity to be an honourary guest at the 3 day Duoro Mountain Bike race in Portugal in mid September 2011. In true Songo style, he took this incredible opportunity to share updates with many of the European supporters travelling to meet with as many as people as was possible in the time available.

We cannot begin to thank all the amazing people who are so good to Songo and the organisation, helping us as we try to change lives of the children in South Africa's townships. He had an incredible time and was so spoilt by the Portuguese, French and Dutch songo supporters, with an extra special thank you so Sonia for everything she did to make this trip possible for Songo.

The international support for really helps us grow our organisation and share the message of what we are trying to achieve back in South Africa, improving the lives of township children. It also helps us bring the world to the children sharing news of people and supporters abroad plus opportunities of travel and adventure, encouraging our children to dream big and to be aware of this great big world that exists.

Pictures from the race show beautiful scenary and lots of smiles from wonderful people. More details can be found on