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Slowly but Surely

18 Oct 2012

Our Clubhouse is slowly but surely coming along. For the first time the rooms were filled with laughter as little feet trickled in through the doors instead of builders boots and minds started to tick away behind books and study notes. 

With exams right around the corner our kids are eager for their new learning space to be finished and they showed their support by arriving, books in hand, to spend the afternoon on a cold concrete floor.

An enormous thanks goes to John Sparks from Transworld Projects who sponsored over R450 000 to get our clubhouse to where it is today. Builders, electricians, equipment and supplies were graciously given to us. Not forgetting toilets, doors and windows all supplied by Neil Malherbe from MacNeil. 
We can now start to see the light at the end of the tunnel as everything falls into place with only furniture and finishing touches needed to make our new home complete. songo is working hard to put as much pressure on Stellenbosch municipality to link us up to the power grid, then all we need is security gates and window bars and fencing around the property. Once the building is safe and secure we can move our office, fill the library with books, study material and computers and stock the gym with proper equipment. I can't begin to imagine what a difference this will make to the lives of all our kids!

The vision for the Library is very simply a happy, stimulating environment where the kids will want to spend their afternoons off the streets and behind their books. Education is a serious concern in South Africa and we want to make sure that our kids have all the support they need. If anyone has unread books, study material or computer equipment cluttering up your home we are grateful for all donations in any capacity. Contact us on