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Sipho’s SA XCM Champs race report - 8 June 2014

17 Jun 2014

Thanks to Songo and the entire team in the office and on the road for the huge support that they always give me on and off the bike.


Going to the SA Champs with Songo himself was something huge and I am so grateful for that. We arrived at Cascades – Pietermaritzburg on Friday afternoon and race on Sunday. This race was just in the weekend after WP XCO Champs, where I finished 3rd and that gave me so much confidence for this race and lot of expectations. Woke up early for breakfast on Saturday and check the first 10km of the course with team recm. Course was very technical with lot of climbing, it was more like cross country style and I was cool with that because I have been doing XCO races lately.


Race day

I woke up at 05:00, had breakfast and sort out my bottles for the feed zones, making things easy for SongoJ I knew the race is going to be hard and is going to hurt but I had confidence and I was so excited too, yes was a bit nervous but that is normal before the race. I did short warm up just before the start and the strategy of the race was to take it little bit easy, find the group that am comfortable with at the beginning and race as hard as I can in the last 30km. The race started at 07:00 and I had no power at the beginning, my legs were just not there and I got dropped just before the first feed zone, I was riding by myself for more than ten minutes before caught the next group. We were chasing really hard until I realized that we are the only two guys leading the group, no one wants to lead and then that’s where I rode away from the group and we ended up two riders working together. on the 2nd feed zone Songo said we are not far behind and we were racing well until we got to the portage section Darryn was a bit slowly on the portage section and we were losing minute after minute and then I decided to just go. I was all by myself again, straggling because my legs were still not there yet. Yea I was really suffering but giving up is not my thing, I always find my way to fight back. Finally, after the feed zone at about 65km mark I got my legs back and I gave everything I had, I was chasing really hard but it was too late, ended up finishing 25th which is totally bad.


I was so disappointed after the finish line, couldn’t even eat and didn’t want Songo to see that I am disappointedJ. Yes it was a good experience and one of the hardest days on the bike to learn from.  I am not happy at all with the results but I just have to put it behind and take the lesson. The race was hard and 100% I have never done any race harder than this race, and I can’t compare any stage of cape epic or TransAlps with that course! Thanks to Songo for the great support especial during the race, I really just had to pedal!


Thanks to @sauserwind @specializedSA @biogenSA and also big thanks to the people who support

S Madolo