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Schools out - holiday programme begins

10 Apr 2017

The school holidays got off to a flurry of activity at with a number of exciting activities and outings planned for the kids. Here's what the team got up to last week. 

Bike Maintenance sessions:

Bike maintenance is an important aspect of riding and with our bikes being used everyday by super enthusiastic kids, our bikes tend to take quite a hamering. Our mechanic Svig works tirelessly to ensure that the bikes are in good working condition but we have decided to make our kids more accountable and active in the maintenance of the bikes they ride. We kicked this off with having our first, of many planned maintenance training sessions. 

 Here's what Sipho had to say about the session:

"Svig & myself led the bike maintenance activy session - it was great and went according to plan with the kids being hands on in the session and very enthusiastic. We focused on basic bike checks, adjusting gears, bike washes and drive chain maintenance. It went very well with the older kids being willing to learn and apply themselves. The girls are normally a little intimidated in these sessions but by the end of it they were more confident to get involved." 

Svig in action

No bike gets worked on until it's clean! Svig taking our older riders through the basics of where to focus attention when cleaning your bike.  

Sip taking the bmx kids though what to check on their bikes

The BMX kids listen attentively while Sipho explains the importance of regular bike maintenance.

Bike washAfter explaining how to wash the bike, the competition was on for the cleanest bike - the bikes were shining by the end of the session.

Ride session with Zola

Zola is an exceptionally talented BMX & downhill racer who has come up through our programme. This year, Zola has started his studies at CPUT and his way of giving back to the programme is to ride with our BMX kids during the holidays. The kids really look up to Zola and it was fantastic to see how excited they were to ride with him. It's so special to see them hanging onto every word he says and how they all want to be able to ride just like him when they are older.

                                                         Zola sharing his skills with the kids 

 Bad weather days

Unfortunately, not all days are good weather days but Sipho came up with a plan to keep the kids entertained while the much needed rain bucketed down. A projector was set up and the BMX Olympics races kept the kids rivited and motivated. 

                                                         BMX action                                                                    

                                                         Glued to the screen


Special guests - Darryn James Stow

Coach Darryn is sorely missed in our programme so when we told the kids that he was coming to spend the afternoon with them there was lots of cheering! Unfortunately, the rain cut the riding session short but the fun continued in the clubhouse around the foosball table. 

 Darryn & the kids out on the track Foosball face off 

D.I.Y activity

We have been needing to errect a bike stand at our containers for us to hang our bikes on for some time and we thought that this would be a great activity for our older kids to get involved in. Working with Sipho, they were responsible for drawing the plan for the bike rack, putting a list together of what supplies were needed for the project. After buying the supplies, they focussed on the task at hand to build the bike rack.

We are so proud of them for the way in which they set about this project, clearly communicating and working enthusiastically from beginning to end! 

DIY project  Assembly

Painting   Project completed!


Visit to G-Land

G-Land is a firm favourite for our kids so an outing there is always on the holiday plans and is looked forward to with great excitement. The kids really love riding G-Land and always have such fun hitting the jumps and playing around.

 On the way to G-land   the crew

With the first week of the holidays being over, the kids are really looking forward to the second week of fun activities ahead.