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SA XCO Championships - May 2016 in Port Elizabeth

27 May 2016

XCO-PE 1Azukile Simayile

On Thursday, 12 May, we had a road trip to Port Elizabeth for the SA XCO CUP #4. We got there at around 15:00 pm on the same day and we decided to check out the course before we went to the hotel.

When I was checking the course I realised that it’s going to be a bit hard for me, because I was focusing more on my road bike training for the World Duathlon Champs that will be taking place 12 days from this race. While riding the course I fell twice, that is when I decided to go to the hotel and come back the next day. On Friday, we went back to the course and the practice went well. XCO-PE 2

On race day I had a puncture at the beginning of the first lap. I  tried to fix it but nothing worked. I decided to run the rest of the lap to get to the tech zone and put on another wheel. I ended up finishing in 16th place.

Thanks to Darryn Stow, Masixole Martini and all the supporters. @specializedZA @biogensa @SziolsSA 


Darryn Stown

The 4th SA XC National took place on 14 May 2016 and was held in Port Elizabeth. The new track that was built in Settlers Park was tougher than most riders anticipated. The climbs were steep and there was a total climbing of approximately 180m per lap. The technical sections even had some of our best XC riders in the country opting to rather walk down.

We took four riders from the Songo program to participate in the event, one junior rider and three elite riders. Someleza (Junior) had a tough class and this was his first time racing at a national standard. He rode hard and managed to finish 21st in his category.

Sipho, Azu and Sandiso rode in the most competitive category, elites, where there was a fierce battle for podiums to determine spots for the Rio Olympics. All the guys had a good race and managed to find good rhythm on the trac. Azu had a technical on lap 2, slitting his tyre but showed great perseverance and after fixing it fought on. Sipho finished 12th overall, Azu 20th overall and Sandiso 31st.

It was a successful trip and the team are looking forward to the last event to be held in Bloemfontein on 25 June 2016.    

Thanks to and all the sponsors for the opportunity.