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SA XCO & DH Cup #4 - Cascades Pietermaritzburg

03 Jul 2015

The final SA XCO Cup was held at cascades in Pietermaritzburg this past weekend. It was a great experience as it was my first XCO at Cascades & it was the most challenging XCO track so far!

We arrived on Friday at Cascades and it's always great to go to SA Cup with Songo and my DH teammates.

                                 XCO & DH team @ Cascades

                    Myself on the left, Zola Ngxakeni, Theo Ngubani and Bonga Notoko on the right.

I was feeling good going into this race and confidence was high which is the most important thing going to the race. I did not have enough time to practice the course as we arrived on the lunch time on Friday at Cascades. The course really suited me except for the tree house rock garden where I had a crash during practice on Friday. On race day I wasn't comfortable with the tree house rock garden so decided to take the B line.

My specialized expert WC Epic felt like was designed for that course. I had a really good race, was feeling strong. I lost time and positions on the tree house rock garden in every lap  and I had to chase so hard after that rock garden. Other than that, the race strategy went well and am really positive going to the SA national championships in three weeks time.

The DH boys did so well on the Sunday and it's so cool to see the improvement in all of them.

Results of the weekend:

Sipho finished 15th Elite/u23 XCO

Zola Ngxakeni 18th DH Overall

Theo Ngubani 22nd DH Overall

Bonga Notoko 42 DH Overall

Big thanks @SUPACAZ @specialzedZA @biogen @sauserwind @squirtlubeZA @sludge and to you all for the support