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Report Back: October Holiday Programme

10 Oct 2017

October Holiday Programme Report by: Prince Ntsodo, Programme Manager.


The school holidays provides us with a great opportunity to plan a variety of fun and different activities and this past holiday was no different! We decided to introduce a group athletics class for the kids every morning for the holiday week and we were happily surprised how many of the kids joined us each and every day at 7am. We will definitely plan more for these classes in the next school holidays as the kids really enjoyed them. 

Running races on the field.

Monday: Team Picnic & ride to G-Spot

Taking advantage for the beautiful sunny weather we took the kids out for a ride at G-Spot followed by a lovely lunch time picnic. Our younger BMX kids were especially excited for this outing as they don't often get to ride the fantastic G-Spot trails. After hours of riding up and down the trails the kids rested under the gazebo and devoured the picnic that we had prepared. When it was time to pack up, we had some very tired but happy kids having had great fun riding and enjoying the beautiful Stellenbosch outdoors. 



The weather changed dramatically overnight and we had a huge downpour in the early morning - we used this opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning in the clubhouse and when the rain cleared we headed outside to work on the track and the area around. We had a very productive morning cutting the grass around the BMX track and removing the alien plants.  

In the afternoon the kids tried there hand at acting. We started out by discussing some of the issues that we face in our community covering topics like gangsterism, drug abuse, HIV & Aids and abusive relationships. To give the kide the opportunity to express their views and knowledge the kids then broke into groups and prepared short plays for the rest of the team. It was a great afternoon session giving the kids the opportunity to speak out and discuss some very serious issues.

Workshop plays


We are normally outdoors people but when the weather is against us there is nothing we can do but appreciate it. The cold and wet weather forced us to cancel our hike in Jonkershoek so we decided to hold an impromptu movie day. We set up the projector in our computer lab and used the which wall to screen a documentary about how the earth was formed which was very interesting. After having a discussion about what the kids had learnt - we went for something a little more light hearted. Zizo and Lakhanya were heading off to JHB for BMX nationals so we decided to get everyone in the spirit by watching a compilation of BMX races.  Movie day


With the bad weather clearing, we decided to do a group ride to the kids favourite spot, G-Land. As always, the kids had a great time and it was difficult getting them together when it was time to leave. The older MTB riders partnered up with the younger BMX riders to make sure that eveyone is safe and accounted for.  It was really nice to see the MTB crew pushing the BMX riders up the hill to the clubhouse showing that the day was indeed a family team work day. Team ride


Friday was another beautiful day and with the recent rains we took the opportunity to do some work on the track once we had finished up with the track work the kids were all tasked with cleaning their bikes to make sure they were spotless for the next weeks riding. In the afternoon, we had a visit from Mr Gugu Dada who is one of Kayamandi leaders focused in developing communities to a better society. Mr Dada has been travelling Southern Africa doing outreach work with a variety disadvantage communities and we were very excited to have him visit us. His talk to the kids was about the life choices that we make both in our homes and as a community as a whole. The kids responded very well to the thought provoking session and it was fantastic to see them all contributing to the discussions.

The life choices we make