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Race adventures in Mankele at the SA Cup XCO series #3

28 May 2014

Firstly I really thanks to Johan (Hatting) for the great support in this race, it was a successful weekend!

Johan went to pick up me at O.R.Tambo International Airport, around 21h30 and took me to the Guest House in Pretoria and then I had to wake up at four early in the morning, preparing the 4hour drive to Mankele. Before we left in Pretoria, Johan introduced me to the entire LCB Team and it was really cool to meet my team for the weekend. We arrived in Mankele around 12h00 on Friday and checked the course out with the boys. The course was so technical, it was rocks everywhere, one big climb and two big drops. The course gave me so much confidence because of the technical!:)

Race day

Woke up at 7h30, had breakfast at about 8h00 and at 10h00 we went to the race venue which was 2km from the guesthouse, we were just chilling there till an hour before the race start, Elite men started at 14h00 then the juniors five minutes later. My plans were to get to the first single track in 5th or 6th,  recover for the big climb and that’s what I did. As soon as we hit the first big climb, my bb was making  noise like something broken inside and I lost two positions there because I could feel that am pushing more than necessary and it’s still the first lap, then I decided to just ride because I realized that I am not gonna do anything about it so I had to just keep going. I was closing the gap on the single track and flat but they just kept opening the gap on the climbs. The LCB team was so supportive, cheering for me and gave me fresh, cold bottle on each and every lap. It felt really good, felt like Songo himself was there. We did 5 laps of 7.5km, I am not sure about my time but I finished 9th which is not too bad :) Three junior boys in the LCB team finished in top ten which was really good and the boys were so happy to see that hardwork pays off. We had a braai on the evening and I enjoyed it.

It was really cool to get that huge support from everyone in the team, they made me feel like I am more important than they are, especial Johan. I had to make them proud and the only way to thank them was just to race as hard as I have to, as hard as I can. I was hoping for top 5 but ended up 9th and I am so happy to finished 9th!

A really big thanks to Johan for the super weekend, and also  thanks @sauserwind @specialized @BMT and @BiogenSA

 Mankele podium