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Penetron come on-board to sponsor BMX Program

19 Jan 2012

Late last year Clive and Mark from Penetron got in contact with Songo to discuss our requirements and wishlist for 2012.

We were over-the-moon when Clive and Mark came to meet with us last week to share the exciting news about their sponsorship of the program.

Pentron have very kindly offered support predominatley around our education and BMX program and will be funding UCI Coach Swen Lauer's BMX coaching fees for the next 3 months.

This is really exciting news for us as it means the kids will benefit from the expert training from Swen, who will also be providing Sivuyile, our full time BMX Coach with train-the-trainer support. 

In addition, Penetron will be providing with a BMX start gate and robot to enable the kids to train with a proper BMX gate.

This comes at such an exciting time, where we are currently in the process of arranging an upgrade of the BMX track with Meurant Botha from Amarider.  

We are really grateful for the support from Clive and Mark and look forward to growing our relationship together!