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Peer to Peer Support

04 Aug 2016

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to meet and spend time with 5 students, from Paul Roos High school, who chose to do their community service hours at  

It was raining on the day they chose to come to our clubhouse, but the rain did not deter them from getting stuck in and working on the BMX track. There are always areas on the track that have to be constantly fixed up as they get very worn from daily use. These boys were very organised and had brought their own tools along to make their time more effective.

After getting very wet and muddy out on our BMX track, they sat down with our older boys from Grade 8-11 to help them with maths.

Just listening to the conversations and the focused attention it is very clear that this was a very positive experience for the learners and the tutors alike.

Paul Roos 1The boys had such positive words to describe their interaction and the help they received from these 5 young men. The feedback from the Paul Roos boys was so accurate, they were able to sit together and reflect on how privileged they are with the education that they receive. After only 90mins with our group they were able to identify many of the key issues that our learners have such as difficulty with basic concepts, not understanding the questions as they are in English and not having the resources that they are exposed to. 

Peer to peer support is always so beneficial and we would love to encourage other high school learners to engage with us in the programme. It does not have to be on a daily or weekly basis as we know that is difficult.  Currently we run extra maths lessons with a tutor every second Saturday morning and we are always looking for high school/university learners to assist us.

Thank you Ilan, Johann, Ruan, JC and Sebastian for spending time with us and not hesitating to get stuck in. 

Paul Roos 2