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MTO Tour de Plett - October 2016

27 Oct 2016

Last year, I was given the opportunity to participate in the MTO Tour de Plett for the first time. It was such an amazing experience that when I was invited to participate again this year I grabbed it with both hands.

This year we were able to take along two 2 boys from the songo program -  I selected Someleze (Star) & Luntu to go with as they have both been doing very well over the past few months, both on and off the bike.

We drove down to Plettenberg Bay on Thursday, 6th October 2016 and spent 2 days in Plettenberg before the race. We used that time to help Colin Shave (our host and race organiser) with the builiding of some of the floating bridges and some other things that needed to be set up before the race. 

Race day - Tour de Plett


Race day: We woke up early to have our breakfast and do final prep for the race. Star & Luntu were bit nervous about the race but at the same time really excited - both were entered in the 60km race, a first that they were racing this distance. I knew that it would be tough for them but they were both ready for the challenge. We all had a good race and really loved the experience with Star finishing 6th, Luntu in 17th and myself in 4th in the 87km race.

Luntu had the following to say about his experience: 

"The race was good! I started right at the front, the start was easy but we had a 5km climb at the beginning of the race and it was just too steep for me. I tried to stay at the front with Star but I got dropped so was on my own the rest of the race. But I had a good race, except that I didn't keep up with Star."

Star - Tour de Plett - October 2016                       

Although he found it tough, Star had a great day out: "The race was very hard for me, as I wanted to win and it was long because was my first 60km race. The long hills were so hard but I enjoyed the race very much. I am happy to have finished 6th without any problems. Thanks to Colin for supporting us"

The MTO Tour de Plett gets better each year with the trails being more established, great organisation and fantastic route markings. There were also a lot more participants which added to the great atmosphere. The MTO group is also a very generous sponsor of and it is great to see them supporting a number of races and cycing programmes and initiatives around the country.

Kwano & songo boys - Tour de Plett - October 2016

The following day we (Luntu, Star and I) had the privilege of riding with Kwano Cycling Academy boys. We were out for almost 3hs of riding in the beautiful Plettenberg Bay forest. There were times that we raced each other just to add to the fun of the day. We also took some time to check and compare our bike set-ups as well as stopping to take some pictures. It’s so good to see how much the boys have improved over the last year and how talented they are. Colin is really doing an amazing job with the boys at the Kwano Cycling Academy in Plettenberg Bay.

Keep it up Mate!

Thanks to Colin for the invite and for hosting us, we really appreciate your generosity  and would love to join you again in 2017.