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Mirjam Butcher takes on the Epic in support of

15 Feb 2012

In March 2012, Mirjam Bucher will be flying out from Switzerland to join 1200 other competitors from around the world as they take on the Absa Cape Epic. In addition to taking on this gruelling race, she is leveraging the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the program.

We are in awe of her brave training through freezing conditions in Europe and wish her the very best in her final days of training and look forward to welcoming her and her Absa Cape Epic partner when they arrive in sunny South Africa!


Below is her press release that was distributed in Europe.

AOCID's Mirjam Bucher, undertakes the most gruelling mountain bike race in the world

From March 25–April 1, Mirjam will compete in the Cape Epic 2012 to raise money for a local children's charity set-up by Swiss mountain biking champion Christoph Sauser.

Mirjam Bucher, Executive Assistant to AOCID Director Beate Hanson, will participate in the Cape Epic 2012 team race in South Africa from March 25–April 1. While she will be pedalling furiously up 16,300 meters over eight, hot and windy days, Mirjam will be raising money for a local children's charity, program. The 781 kilometre Cape Epic is the most gruelling mountain bike (MTB) race in the world and can only be completed with a partner, so Mirjam is undertaking this challenge with her friend Giusep Alig.

This is Mirjam's third visit to South Africa and while previously she volunteered to help the Cape Epic organizers, this year Mirjam is taking to the saddle to raise money for the program. This local charity, established by the Swiss MTB World Champion Christoph Sauser, helps to improve the lives of children in the township of Kayamandi by providing them a safe place to play, grow and develop as an alternative to a life of crime, drinking and drug taking. Christoph, who spends his European winter's training in South Africa, trains the kids as often as possible to compete in local competitions.

The training regime necessary to undertake this hugely demanding challenge requires a lot of discipline and a big time commitment. While holding down a full-time job, Mirjam trains twice a day, at lunch and in the evening for a total of two to four hours a day, six days a week. Her regime ranges from strength to endurance and interval training encompassing swimming, running, body building, cross-country skiing and mountain biking. During the recent cold snap Mirjam has run up the six flights of stairs in the Dübendorf building 41 times during her lunch break as she cannot afford to miss out on training due to adverse weather conditions. In Mirjam's own words, currently my day consists exclusively of working, training, eating and sleeping. I am sure I will reach my limits during the race, but to know that I am pedalling for the cause of helping those kids will hopefully give me the extra kick to get through the hardest moments.

Mirjam has opened a Post account where you can pay a fixed amount per kilometre ridden or just donate a fixed amount for the whole race:

Account number: PC 80-564955-5
Account name: Songo Info
Beneficiary: Mirjam Bucher
IBAN: CH70 0900 0000 8056 4955 5

Alternatively you can donate directly to, mentioning Mirjam's name, put money directly into the designated piggy bank on Mirjam's desk or send your contribution directly to Mirjam and she will transfer all contributions to songo Info after the race.