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Mechanic Training at TORQ ZONE Academy in Pretoria

02 Mar 2016

It was such a great opportunity for me to go and do the Cytec Training mechanical courses in Pretoria at the TORQ ZONE Academy. The whole trip and experiece was a good one for me from beginning to end.

Sivuyile KepeleleI really enjoyed working with Mr. Graham, and the other guys in the course, as he took us through the different course stages and taught us how to work with bikes. I can definately say, with confidence, that my skill level and understanding has improved since taking this course. I now understand what is important when fixing a bike. I also now know what tools I should have and and when and how to use them when fixing a bike. 

I look forward to implementing what I have learnt and to completeing the last section of my training

Thank you to Mr Graham and to for giving me this opportunity.