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Mandela Day - BMX Track Maintenance Day

16 Aug 2018








It is important to maintain the BMX track; as the condition of the surface can have a direct impact on the safety of those using it. And with our kids using the track everyday it is crucial to make sure it is safe for them to use. So thank you to Roadmac and Aurecon for getting involved with the maintenance of our BMX track as part of your Mandela Day.

 BMX Track

The kids were very excited to give their track a new look. This was also important for the kids as it teaches them a valuable life skill of looking after what you have, as well as introducing them to all the different types of tools we used and how you use them.  

 Maintenance on BMX track

Our BMX track maintenance day started with the digger provided by RoadMac. Thank's to RoadMac we could make some of the bigger changes that was much needed such as changing corners, adding jumps and moving sand to all the different areas of the track.

 Digger provided by RoadMac

Once all the major changes were done, we were able to refine and compact. It turned out to be a fantastic day and we had so many people willing to help with the maintenance. Thank you so much to Aurecon and RoadMac. Your help was greatly appreciated, and the kids absolutely loved the morning.

Maintenance on BMX track