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July 2016 Holiday activities

31 Aug 2016

Hiking in Jonkershoek

Besides riding our bikes during the July holidays, we did a day outing hiking in the Jonkershoek reserve. It was a tough climb up with incredible views and puddles which were still covered in ice at the top.  We could see Kayamandi from the top of the mountain and it took us a long time to reach the bottom again but we made it down before the gates closed and the cold set in.

It was such a fantastic outing and it was incredible to see how some of the usually more quiet and reserved kids really opened up and interacted more than ever before.  The kids all absolutely loved the experience so we have now set ourselves a goal for the summertime to hike up and down Table Mountain. 

Hiking in Jonkershoek -1

Hiking in Jonkershoek -2

Hiking in Jonkershoek -3

Working on the BMX track

Riding a BMX bike means that our BMX kids do not get to explore the surrounding areas as often as our MTB riders. In order to motivate the kids, coach Darryn set a goal  for the kids to finish working on a section of the BMX track and as  reward he agreed to take on an outing to ride the great G-spot trails. 

The kids were so determined to finish their task that even when it started to rain and we wanted them to go inside they wouldn't stop building until they had proudly finished the streach on the track. Not only did the kids get to ride in G-spot but they absolutely loved but we are now one step closer to finishing the track. 

Evening ride at G-Spot -1

Fixing the BMX track -1

Fixing the BMX track -2

Extra maths tutoring

We were very privileged to have Heather Ortelee joining us for 3 afternoons to help tutor the kids with Maths. The group ranged from Grade 8-11 and the young adults from our program who are now out of school also occasionally popped in to help. 

We started out with the basics from Grade 8 that everyone needs to understand to be able to tackle maths in the higher grades. The kids learnt so much from Heather and the way she made Maths exciting definitely resonated with them. 

The tutor sessions were so successful that we have now decided to hold extra maths lessons every 2nd Saturday during the school term. If you have any interest in coming to join us and help out, please give us a shout.


Maths Tutoring -3

Maths Tutoring -2

Maths Tutoring -1