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joBerg2c Race Report 2013

23 Jun 2013

It goes without saying that the joBerg2c is a big highlight on the calendar. The build-up to joBerg2c starts at least 6 months ahead of time as the songo young adults jostle for the opportunity to take part in the highly sought after race. And for good reason, joBerg2c is one of the most amazing stage races and for a number of reasons....


joBerg2c is one of the most hospitable races out there. Each member of their team plus each and every stage /host goes out of their way to take such great care of all the riders. We are spoilt with kindness and hospitality and an enormous amount of great food and TLC along the way. We are always greeted by friendly youngsters who can’t wait to clean your bike and give you a refreshing cooldrink on completing your day. There is all that assistance with carrying your bag or helping your find your tent. The organisers and the hosts are just incredible and truly make the event so special.

There is nothing quite like the waterpoints on joBerg2c where you are greeted by such friendly supporters and delicious treats.

The friendly support, the accommodating team, the delicious waterpoints and the cosy stop overovers! As riders we are treated as kings and queens.


joBerg2c provides the most incredible opportunity to travel across remote, diverse and magnificent parts of South Africa. It is a privilege to truly experience so many diverse aspects of South Africa no less the mighty and very special Drakensberg mountains. The journey from inland, just outside of Johannesburg, through the Free State, to KwaZulu Natal to end at the sea offers such contrasting landscapes, and is  an experience of a lifetime! joBerg2c lives by the motto – The Route is King. And to this we absolutely concur! The route is spectacular. The changes to the first 2 days were stunning, providing awesome trails. There is no doubt that the route is harder. You work hard but you are always rewarded with awesome trails that make all that hard work so worthwhile in the end!

Our songo experience

This year we had team of 4 sponsored by the joBerg2c organisers who took part in the race. While we had a few challenges this year as Svig picked up a virus and Loyiso had quite a bad crash on one of the days, we loved each and every minute of the event! The guys just love the opportunity to enjoy all the amazing sights and take in these remote and spectacular aspects of South Africa that joberg2c offers us. We all feel so privileged to be so welcomed by the joBerg2c team and for being included in their very special event! We cannot thank them enough. There is great talk of our patron taking part in the joBerg2c event in the not too distant future and we look forward to sharing this very special experience with him.

HUGE THANKS AND GRATITUDE TO Wappo, Farmer Glen and Gary and all the wonderful team for this incredible opportunity!