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Holiday program: Week 1 of fun filled activities

11 Jul 2017

Report by: Sipho Madolo - Sport Program Manager

The school holidays gives us the great opportunity to spend more time with our kids which we love.  During the school time we only have them for 2 to 3hours Monday to Friday which flies by but during the holidays we get to plan lots of fun different activities, from Monday – Saturday without having any time limits.


3 July 2017 – Meerendal visit

10:00 – 14:30

We visited Meerendal Wine Estate with all our kids from the BMX and Mountain bike side of the program. Because of the numbers – we decided to split into 3 groups to make it more manageable: Darryn Stow with the BMX kids, Svig with the MTB girls and myself taking the MTB boys.

 Darryn & kids

It was really cool to be joined for the day by the some of the Paul Roos boys who showed our mountain bike boys the best lines on their home trails. Jamie, Erik and Josh showed us around the trails and we absolutely enjoyed riding with them and look forward to having them come ride with us in Stellenbosch next term.  Darryn and Svig also had a great time with the BMX kids and the MTB girls at the pump track and surrounding trails.

 Sip & kids

We had almost three hours riding around Meerendal then after lunch we decided to take a walk around the farm giving them a chance to ask questions about Meerendal and their involvement with our organization.  We had such a fun day, we look forward to visiting Meerendal again soon.

 4 July – Trail maintenance in Papagaai

10:00 – 15:00

In winter we train a lot on Papagaai, the small mountain that’s on the right hand side of Kayamandi.  because we have limited time to rider with the mountain bike kids before it gets dark. When I started riding, there were a few natural trails around Papagaai but because we are so spoilt for choice with amazing trails to ride all around Stellenbosch, we haven’t been riding or maintaining these trails for quite a while. Papagaai trail maintenance

The trails in Papagaai are perfect for winter riding as they are super close to our clubhouse and we don’t have to worry about crossing through town in the dark. Having worked hard for a good few hours maintaining the trails we are very much looking forward to riding these trails now throughout winter.



5 July – Jonkershoek hike

09:00 – 14:00

To keep the kids always happy and excited all the time we have to mix up their riding with something different from riding and hiking is always a good option when they in holidays and they seem to enjoy a lot more and getting use to it. Wednesday morning we headed out in to the Jonkershoek Tweede Waterval Trail and it was a great experience especially with our BMX kids first hiking to almost half way and some all the way to the top. It was a good fun for all of us and some of the younger kids are already asking if when we doing it again. It was really rewarding to get to the top and look the view from the top. It’s definitely on my to do list again soon

Team break

To keep things exciting during the holidays, we like to mix up our activities and introduce things that we don’t ordinarily do. We are very lucky to be surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and reserves so we thought that the holidays were the perfect time to explore our surroundings by going on a hike. On Wednesday morning we headed out into Jonkershoek to hike the Tweede Waterval Trail and was a great experience – especially for our BMX kids as it was their first ever hike. We all had a great time and before even getting down the mountain many of the kids were already asking when they could go hiking again! It was really rewarding to get to the top and enjoy the beautiful views – it’s definitely on the “to do” list for again soon!

Waterval trail

6 July – Visit to G-Land

10:00 – 14:00

What makes special is too see the kids playing and having fun on there bikes so during the holidays we like to make a plan to allocate time in our busy holiday program to take them to different riding spots. On Thursday, I took the mountain bike boys for trail riding around Stellenbosch and Darryn took the BMX kids to G-land just to hit some jumps and be free. At G-land there are lots of different jumps and tabletops, which help to challenge our kids. With the patient instruction from Darryn the kids are inspired and motivated - we need role models for our kids and with Darryn, we definitely can’t ask for more. Once the older kids and I finished our ride, we rode back to G-land to regroup and ride home together.

 Getting some air

The BMX crew


7 July: Pump track build day

11:00 – 15:00

Friday was dedicated to starting to build our new Pump Track which we have been wanting to build for a long time. A pump track is really great to develop basic bike handling skills as well as for the younger kids that battle on the BMX track.

All the kids in the program got down to the work and started building the pump track enthusiastically – we managed to do two short straights and it’s looking great! I can’t wait to see the final outcome next week when we are finished.

Hard at work

Coming along nicely