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Holiday highlights

18 Apr 2017

Last week was the second week of our holiday programme and was filled not only with fun on the bike but lots of other activities too. 

 Hike up Stellenbosch Mountain

We have such beautiful views of Stellenbosch mountain we decided to pack our bikes away and pull on our tekkies. 11 of our older kids joined us for the 4hr hike as well as Ariane Luthi, who set a blistering pace up the mountain. Stellenbosch mountain hike

Half way up and full of smiles, the kids stopped to have a rest and regroup at the top of Coetzenburg before setting off again.  

Kings of the mountain

The kids had so much fun and really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore areas that they had previously not visited before as well as take in the beautiful views of Stellenbosch. Although riding fit, there were a few stiff muscles the next day but all agreed that it was well worth the effort.


Rider safety

One of our biggest focuses over the holidays has been about rider and road safety. Having covered rules of the road  and respecting other road users when then headed out onto the road to practice the new information that we have shared with them and we were super proud with the way in which the entire team rode. Some of our key focus areas were the importance of hand signals, how to approach different intersections and when to ride single file and when it's safe to ride two abreast.

Road rules 

Another aspect of rider safety that we focused on was what to do if someone crashes and hurts themself. While all of our staff have been trained in first aid, we felt that it was important for the kids to understand the do's and don'ts of basic first aid. 

Kids first aid course

The fantastic team from First-Aid Training SA created a specially modified course with the content including topics such as "what is first aid, don't panic, when to call an adult/emergency services, the basics of bleeding, recovery position & bee stings".

Primary school session

Splitting the first aid sessions into high school and primary school kids allowed for the content to be age appropriate and the feedback from the kids was that they really enjoyed the session & learnt so much. They were also super excited to hear that they all would received a first aid certificate for completing the course.  

 Maths tutor sessions

We have 3 boys who are in Matric this year the holidays were a great opportunity to schedule in some extra maths tutor session. Kaya Madolo, (who has come up through our programme and is currently studying at CPUT) very kindly offered her time to help the boys with the extra maths sessions. In addition to these sessions, she has been fantastic in offering to ride and encourage many of our younger girls in the programme.

Holiday maths sessionsKaya and Jersey working through some maths papers.


Holiday Bike fun 

As with every holiday, we take the opportunity to explore a number of amazing trails in and around Stellenbosch - from awesome rides on the MTO trails in Jonkershoek to the challenging XCO track in Coetzenburg and the playful trails in Eden & G-spot, we are spoilt for choice with phenominal riding on our door step. We are greatly appreciative to all that make it possible for us to have endless fun outdoor! 

Fun in Eden