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Holiday Excursion to the UCT Marine Department

11 Oct 2012

Last Wednesday we were able to offer our boys a school holiday excursion thanks to Ray Chaplin who organised with the Lauren de Vos of the UCT Marine Department for the boys to spend the morning learning about incredible animals that live in the ocean.

The team at UCT were fantastic and very enthusiastic hosts who shared the passion for the oceans with our boys. A whole new world was opened to our boys as they learnt about sharks, dolphins, whales, crayfish, star fish, etc. that all live in our oceans.

There were many giggles and moments of astonishment as the boys learnt all about these fascinating creatures. It was as much a pleasure for the rest of us as we had the opportunity to experience their "wow" moments!

The day entailed presentations sharing information on the underwater world followed by lunch. The highlight of the day was undoubtably the opportunity to see, touch and hold some of the fascinating underwater creatures the boys had learnt about. There was so much excitement as the boys got a close up view of the animals with the opportunity to truly see this amazing creatures.

There is no doubt that their eyes have been opened to new and such different animals that live under the ocean. We look forward to sharing more opportunties such as these with the boys, with hopefully a trip to the beach. in the not to distant future, to see some of the sea world in their natural habitat!

Thanks again to Ray, Lauren and team for organising such a enriching morning for us!