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Guidance sessions: The dangers of drugs.

21 May 2018

Report by Sipho Madolo

With the fear that drug use within the community is becoming a growing problem, we decided to invite Lisette Muller from Badisa to talk to our kids in one of our guidance sessions. Our goal of this session was to educate our kids about the dangers of drugs and to equip them with the tools to make the right life decisions. 

Badisa is a social services organisation which provides professional services in the areas of children and families, elderly/disability care and substance dependency. Badisa has been doing fantastic work within the communities of Cloetesville and Idas Valley so it was a great honour to welcome Lisette to Kayamandi.

Huge thanks to Lisette for taking the time to come and talk to our kids. The session was very engaging and highly educational. 

Drug talk

the dangers of drugs