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Finesse Painting showing what Mandela day is all about.

26 Aug 2016

As you know Mandela day is all about giving back. The Finesse Painting team decided that this year our program would be the one to benefit from their giving back project. They were absolutely amazing to work with right from the start. They reached out to us and asked if we would mind them donating their time and expertise to our program. They contacted the paint company to arrange for the paint that we needed to paint the classroom area to be donated.


 Class room before photoClass room - before picClass room before photo





 The kids and painting team managed to have some fun with each other on the BMX track. It's difficult to tell who had more fun.

 Fun on the BMX Track 1 Fun on the BMX Track 2




 The new look to our classroom has made the biggest difference to the study environment. We cannot thank all who were involved in this project at Finesse Painting enough for being the people you are and for giving back in the way you did. They put in so much of their time and energy in this project we will always be very grateful for your big hearts.


Class room after photoClass room after photo 2Class room after photo 3