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Exciting week driven by exceptional generosity from our supporters of

13 Mar 2012

We've just had the most incredible week at where we ended the week receiving our new minibus from The Reeds Motor Group. We can't begin to thank Donald Christy and his team lead by Mike Powell for everything they have done for us to make this possible. There are few words that can explain the excitement and the look on the children's faces as I drove into Kayamandi honking the horn of the Opel Vivaro so proudly branded songo and Reeds. This vehicle takes to whole new level as we are now mobile and can easily transport kids to events.

Earlier in the week we received extremely exciting news too from a few other sponsors starting early on Wednesday morning with a meeting with Zee Ismail and Charl van Wyk from the Protea Breakwater Lodge in the Waterfront who informed us they'd like to sponsor several kids in their education leading to possible career opportunities with Protea Hotels. We were thrilled! Education is such a huge issue in the townships of South Africa and being presented with the opportunity to help children through the school education, creating a path for their future, will fundamentally change lives.

Later in the day I met with Dillon from Kilowatt AV and was really impressed at the support from such a great group of people who are certainly setting an amazing example for entreprenuers in South Africa. They are coming on-board to sponsor songo and will be sponsoring sound equipment for our event on the 21 March 2012.

Other key activities that are underway on the program include the development of our BMX Track by Meurant Botha of Amarider who has been bringing some serious earth moving equipment to develop our track in his spare time. The track is well on it's way to great new heights (literally) with exciting jumps and table tops! Be sure to attend the launch on 21 March 2012.

While we have been developing the track with Meurant we've also begun the first phase of developing our clubhouse. John Sparks of Transworld Projects has very kindly donated his team to develop the building. It's not been an easy job for the guys who are working on the weekends and in their spare time to build our clubhouse where we have no electricity or water as the pipes have been stolen or damaged. But with a little tenacity and negotiations by Songo Fipaza this project is coming along really nicely. We have been so grateful for an incredible donation by Neil Malherbe of MacNeil which will help significantly with building materials. But things were getting a little tight as the costs were rapidly escalating in the clubhouse development. This raised some concerns for us as it seemed the budget may just be a little out of our reach until this email landed in my inbox on Thursday morning from one exceptionally generous supporter of songo who always manages to find the exact right time to make a crucial donation to

We have incredible sponsors and supporters of songo. Without your exceptional kindness and generosity we would not be able to achieve the things we are able to achieve for the children in Kayamandi and fundamentally change their lives.

We now have a minibus to transport children to events and pretty soon we'll have a home. Our BMX track is on  it's way to new levels and we're carving out a cross country track just outside of Kayamandi for our young guys to train on their doorsteps. Next year we'll have kids in new schools and the prospect of achieving so much more for their lives. We are immensely grateful for this incredible support.