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Desert Knights Namibia - April 2016

20 May 2016

Sandiso Xetu:

We departure from Bellville at around 10:00 am on the 17th of April, and arrived at the Namibian Border at 9:40pm in the following day. From the Namibia Border we met Sam, He was driving a Game viewer vehicle. He took us to Ai/Ais Transfonteir Park where we arrived at 23:00pm.

Desert Knights 1The whole tour is 280Km, and is done within 6 days. Day 1 was 30Km of riding we started in Hobas, ride to the Canyon and back to Hobas.

Day 2 was 70Km of riding. We again started out from Hobas and rode to Ai/Ais. It was raining this year which added a bit of challenge to the day’s ride.

Day 3 was a 67Km ride. We started out from from Ai/Ais and rode to Gamkab.

Day 4 the bikes were loaded onto trailers and we headed down to the Orange River to do some canoeing. We paddled for approximatley 20Km.

Day 5 was a 57Km of riding. We started out from the De Hoop campsite and headed to the Hakkiesdoring Campsite.

Day 6 was a 60Km ride to the Sendelingdrift camp on the South African Border. 

The best moment that Ive had while riding the Desert Nights, was being able to ride a  bicycle in the Canyon. So many thanks to Roland and for the great opportunity! 

Desert Knights 2

Sivuyile Kepelele:

We had a good trip and time in Namibia for the Desert Knights 6 Days stage race including a day fo 20Km paddling on the Orange River.

We arrived midnight the day before we started the race and slept at Ai Ais . The following day we start the first ride from Hobbas back to Hobbad .On day 2 we wake up early to start our riding, we went to Road Lodge to see the old cars .On day 3 we had another early morning start. We were taken to a area in the desert were we were told all about the different plants that you can find in the desert and about how the servive without water.  On Day 4 we didn't ride our bikes, but rather we went paddling on the Orange River and then were able to rest for the rest of the day. On our last day we rode back to the border and had presentation of the tour.

Our team rode all of the days without any problems. The only gitch that we had on this trip was Sinethemba go sick on Day 1  of the stage race. However, she managed to finish the tour, which was a great experience for her.

A special thanks to and to Roland for this oportunity. Desert Knights 4

Desert knights 3