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Coronation Double Century 2014- Sipho races with Team Aurecon

03 Dec 2014

Few weeks ago I got the opportunity to join 2014 Aurecon Social DC team and yes I was so happy for this opportunity because it’s always nice to meet new people. I didn’t do specific training for it because I was busy preparing for w2w and I haven’t done any long ride after marathon world champs, so I thought DC would be a fun thing like I always do on the road races. At w2w we had a good days and bad days and I was sure that it was a last serious race for the year but I was all wrong.  On the 18th of November I received the confirmation from Simon Van Wyk telling me that they changed me from social team to Elite team and that was a big surprise because the DC was in 3 days. I was a bit scared because I knew the race is going to be hard now because I will race with the elite team for the first time and I haven’t done any specific training for it. Wednesday I got the Test Bike from the Specialized office, then I knew I had no excuse to not bring my A game!

 Sipho & the social team

Sipho with the Aurecon social team. 

Friday 21 November we drove to Swellendam with Kathy and arrived there arrived at about 16:30, that’s where the race take place and met the teammates at around about 18:00 and it was so cool to meet the whole aurecon team! I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time because racing with the elite team I knew was going be hard but could be also a very good experience.


I woke up at 4:30 on the race day and had a breakfast. We left the Up the Creek camp site at about 5:45 and our start time was 7:24. We were bit early on the race village and that was perfect because we had enough time for a warm up. At the start I was a bit worried about the racing style on the road that is different from mountain bike but I was fully prepared to suffer and I knew it was going to hurt! We started a bit easy but after 10-15mins I was really struggling to get the rhythm right, I almost got dropped many times than I can remember but the guys made sure that I don’t get dropped early in the race. Yes after the first big climb I was feeling good, comfortable with the pace and that was the start of the race for me. I got used to the team racing style I was just feeling good but didn’t want to go hard and find difficult to finish and that really helped. At 80km mark I got dropped on the downhill and that was because of the lack of experience of road racing. I was chasing really hard by myself till realized that am wasting the energy, then I decided to just sit behind the groups till the first feed zone and luckily my teammates were still there then I joined the team again. From there I was with the team till the finish line. I was cramping after 160km but I managed to control the cramps because all I wanted was to finish with the team and that was the goal for the day. We finished 6th overall with a time of 5:24:30 which is not bad am happy with 6th place even though the team wanted the podium finish. We really wanted the podium finish but the race was just hard and we tried our best, it just didn’t work out.  The race was so hard but it was totally new experience of racing on the road me and thanks to all my teammates for the great experience!




Thanks to Simon Van Wyk and the entire Aurecon team for the great opportunity to join the team and for the good experience. It was a successful weekend and it was a really good race to close the year, I enjoyed it big time!

Thanks to @specialized @biogenSA and to you all for the support!!!

 Sipho & Simon

Sipho & Simon at the water point.