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Christmas party outing to the beach

10 Dec 2014

When the option of a visit to the beach was offered to our kids for their Xmas outing, we were met with wild excitement and cheering – it was clear that this outing was going to be hugely looked forward to. It reminds us of the simple opportunities that many of us take for granted – being able to go to the beach, splash in the water and play in the sand.  Generally with all the outings we plan with the kids – there is great enthusiasm but the response that we got to this outing was second to none!

 Boulders Beach

The beautiful Boulders Beach.

 Fuelled by the kids excitement, we went all out in ensuring that their beach day Xmas party would live up to their expectations. If the beautiful Boulders Beach and penguins didn’t grab their fancy then the party treats and presents sure would! 

The briefing 

Songo telling the kids about Boulders Beach & the penguins


 The rules

Rules of the beach being explained.


On Friday morning, 30 of our BMX kids and 17 of our MTBers excitedly gathered at the clubhouse ready for the long drive to Simon’s Town. Boulders is the perfect beach for kids, with the huge granite boulders sheltering the cove from currents, wind and large waves it makes it a safe beach for children. Also being the home of the African Penguin, it gave the kids the unique experience of being up close to these beautiful birds in their natural habitat.


 The African Penguin

The penguins chilling on the rock.

A friendly visit 

An inquisitive penguin came to say hi to the girls.


Within minutes of arriving at the beach, the kids had stripped down to their cozies and made a B-line into the chilly water, not getting out until the offer of sweets and pressies got to much for them.

 Splish splash

The kids certainly didn’t feel the cold water!

 Present time

 Present time!


After opening their presents, the activity on the beach reached an all-time high with balls and Frisbee’s whizzing through the air, sand castles being built and raucous laughter as seaweed was tossed about.  The frenzied activity ensured that the kids built up healthy appetites & the hot dogs were wolfed down in a blink of the eye.


 sweets & treats

Party packs filled with all sorts of treats & sweets.



The hotdog assembly line.



1 x little rockhopper!


Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head for home but first it was time for the awards ceremony.  We had decided to put together a number of awards to commend and encourage the kids for their hard work and commitment throughout the year, not only to riding but also towards their schoolwork. Our 14 prizewinners were each awarded with a certificate and a slab of chocolate and were all given huge rounds of applause and cheers by their friends.


 Most improved MTBer

Most Improved Mountain Biker: Nophiwwe Hala


And so it was time to load back into the cars and head home, the chatter slowly dying down as the excitement and activity of the day took its toll. The outing to the beach was definitely a huge hit and we thank everyone who supports us throughout the year!  In particular, thank you to Songo, Eunice, Jess, Darryn & Cherise for making the day a memorable and happy experience for the kids.

The gang


  • Most Improved Mountain Biker: Nophiwwe Hala
  • Most Improved BMX Rider: Kamvalethu Mei
  • Most Improved with School work: Lakhanya Sikhodongwana
  • Most Committed Mountain Biker: Baphelele Mbobo
  • Most Committed BMX Rider: Sihle Andries
  • Commitment to school work: Garnet Kabafele, Yolokazi Mdodana, Tiri Nyamadzwo, Sifiso Yolifa
  • Showing Great Discipline, Hard Work & Focus: Bonga Nothoko
  • Showing Great Enthusiam: Lakhanya Sikhodongwana, Chu-Chu Khabasela
  • For Unwavering Support of Others: Sipho Madolo
  • For Displaying Great Leadership: Sipho Futhela