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BMX SA & UCI African Championships: 25-26th October 2014

18 Nov 2014

On Friday 24 October 2014 four kids from the BMX programme, Songo and myself travelled to Durban for the BMX SA Champs and the UCI African Champs taking place on 25-26 October at Giba Gorge Park.

The Giba Gorge BMX track is without a doubt the biggest and best BMX Track in South Africa. The track was designed and built by Tom Ritz who works for the UCI. The track meets all the UCI regulations and is World Cup standard track

Getting unpacked & ready to ride

Great excitement as the unpacking begins!

The kids were very excited and were on the track in no time. The track is very fast and a bit intimidating at first, due to the size of the jumps, but after spending a few hours on it everyone was looking very comfortable and confident.  We had 2hrs of gate-start practise and then we headed to our accommodation for some much needed rest.

Boards on and ready to go

Team ready for SA Champs!

Saturday morning was SA Champs and everyone was ready and looking forward to racing. At SA Champs there is no Novice class so the kids were going to be racing against the best in the country for their first time. We knew it was going to be tough but were going to give 100%. Lakhanya and Sihle had very full, tough gates. Lakhanya got 5TH, 5TH and 5th in his motos. Sithle got a 4th and a 4th in his first two motos. Unfortunately he crashed in his final moto which meant he narrowly missed out qualifying for the finals. Kamva and Sifiso both made it into the finals. Kamva got SA6 and Sifiso got SA5. They were awarded their SA number boards, which was a proud moment for them and

SA Boards

Our proud team & SA number board holders.

Sunday morning was another early start and we woke up to the sound of rain. Sunday was the UCI African Champs so the event had to go on even with the rain. The conditions were very tough with the track was very slippery. Lakhanya got 5TH, 5TH and a 4th in his motos. Sithle raced his heart out and got 4TH, 4TH and 4th in a very tough class. He qualified for the finals which was a massive result. Sifiso unfortunately missed out on Sunday’s finals but Kamva made it in for the second day in a row. Kamva ended up improving on his previous days 6TH, managing a solid 5TH.

Rainy course at UCI African Champs

The kids dealt well with the slippery & wet conditions at UCI African Champs.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. They raced against the best BMXers in the country and gave 100%. It has been a great year for them and the performances have improved significantly throughout the year.

It was another very successful trip and we would like to thank and all the sponsors for making it possible. Thanks to Songo Fipaza for all the help and support on the trip.