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BMX Nationals 25th & 26th April 2015: Germiston

04 May 2015

The first BMX National of 2015 was held at the Germiston BMX Club in Johannesburg.

The team consisted of 4 boys and 2 girls. Sihle and Lakanya raced in the 10-11 expert class. Zizo and Kamva raced in the under 13 novice class and Mondi and Melani raced in the girl’s 9-12 expert class.

Unfortunately due to heavy rain on Friday the practice was cancelled. This left the kids a little under prepared as they did not get a chance to feel comfortable on the track. 

Leg one and two of the nationals were held on Saturday and leg three was held on Sunday. Zizo dominated the racing on the weekend and won all his motos and finals, winning three gold medals. Kamva also had a very good weekend and came second in all his motos and finals. Sihle and Lakanya moved from the novice to the expert class, which was a big jump in the standard of racing. They raced well in their motos, but unfortunately missed out on qualifying for the finals. Mondi and Melani are only 8 and 9 years old, and they were racing against much more experienced and older girls in their class. They learnt a lot and improved throughout the weekend and finished 7th and 8th in their class.

Ready to race


 On the track

It was another great trip allowing the kids to experience new and exciting things and improve their riding and skills. There has been a big improvement since last year and we are already looking forward to the next National in July.

Play time

Play time on the jungle gym. 

New experiences

The kids jumped at the opportunity to visit the cockpit. 

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this trip possible.