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BMX Kids visit to Butterfly World Tropical Garden

10 May 2016

We decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity to take some of our kids that participate in the BMX side of our program to Butterfly World Tropical Garden. We made arrangements with Butterfly World to take them there in April and to also give the kids an educational tour, which was amazing. The kids loved the whole experience and learnt so much. We asked some of them to give us some feedback on their experience.


Liphumile O

Butterfly World 3

In Butterfly World I learned a lot of things. I learned  about a butterfly’s life cycle.

I learned even about scorpions, and that there are dangerous and not so dangerous scorpions. I saw different snakes and birds. One of the birds even said hello to us. I saw bats and I have never seen bats before, it was my first time.

I enjoyed the trip, I was so happy I didn’t miss it because I was going to miss all the fun.


Butterfly World 1Garnet Kabasek

The day when we went to Butterfly World, it was wonderful and nice. It was my first time to go there. I like it because it was an Educational thing. The things that we saw there were wonderful and very, very nice. And the other thing is that we learned stuff that we never learned in our life before and also, some of the animals I saw for the first time.


Butterfly World 2Yibanathi Ngxakeni

I was very happy to go to Butterfly World. There are big snakes and spiders as well as butterflies and other animals. I was happy to see a big snake and the insects.

 I experienced and learned a lot of things. To not hurt animals, and to play with the butterflies and spiders. We learnt that there are very dangerous scorpions and spiders that can kill. We had a great time at Butterfly World

Eunice Myataza – program teacher

Our visit to the Butterfly World was on the 15th April 2016, in the afternoon after school. 

We learnt that butterflies are imported from tropical countries e.g. Brazil. When they arrive in South Africa, Butterfly World, they are kept in a special garden that is like a green house, because the humid condition in the garden is favourable for the development of the butterflies.

One of our learners was dressed as a butterfly. The stages of the development were demonstrated, the learner had to put different costumes on to show the development, which was also a good method for the learners that are visual learners.

We also learnt about the different types of scorpions. The ones with big clause are not as poisonous as the smaller ones with small claws, as they cannot crush their prey, thus they sting with their poisonous tails.

We also went to the garden to see different animals they have at Butterfly World. After that we got back home after 5pm. The trip was very educational for the learners as well as us, the chaperons. We all enjoyed the experience.

Butterfly world 6

Butterfly World 5

Butterfly World 4