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Awesome stationery bags for our awesome kids

15 Sep 2016

Not so long ago if a child in our program needed a pen or pencil they would have to sign out a pen or pencil from teacher Eunice before they could start their homework. This process was rather time consuming and didn’t really allow for our children to come in and start working on their homework earlier if they didn’t have their own stationery to use.

When we found out that we would be receiving a donation from the Avans University in Holland we decided that it would be great to have stationery bags made for each child, stocked with the stationery that they would need.

The primary school learners are provided with 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler, 1 pen  and primary colur pencils and an exercise book covered with their name on.

The high school learners are provided with 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 sharpener, 2 pens, a exercise book covered with their name on and one scientific calcultor.

We decided that the best place to approach to make our stationery bags was the uVuyo Skills Centre at Legacy, in Kayamandi.

Stationary bags

The Legacy Community Development NPC is a non-profit organisation. Through their programme, run from the uVuyo Skills Centre, it trains unemployed women and connects them with markets so they can earn an income.

The uVuyo Skills Training Centre started in 2010 as the skills training arm of Legacy, a NGO working in Kayamandi since 2004. They focus on the most destitute women in the informal settlement area. This group now consists of 15 women trained to do embroidery and crochet. Another 10 ladies are currently in training.  Two ladies do the sewing of the products and one lady is being trained to do the cutting. The products are sold at various markets and shops. 

Stationary Bags

The ultimate goal is that these women will realise that there is hope  through independance and self help and support of eachother. 

The uVuyo Skills Centre at Legacy, in Kayamandi, focuses on:

·       skills transfer

·       personal development

·       development of income-generating possibilities


Having the stationery bags made and stocked has helped us in two ways. Now, with each child having their own stationery bag it allows us to be more time efficient establishing a more structured and streamlined environement for them to do their homework in. In addition, it also gives the children a sense of responsibility and ownership as they need to take care of their own things.

Thank you Frank Vriens and Avans University in Holland for making this stationery bag project possible. 

Thank you to uVuyo Skills Centre at Legacy for making our stationery bags - we and the kids love them!