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Attending the IRFA Conference with Investec Asset Management

30 Aug 2018

Last month we were invited to join Investec Asset Management at the Institute of Retirement Funds association’s conference held in Durban (Sunday 29 – Tuesday, 31 July 2018). Investec Asset Management had a stand at the conference and wanted to take the opportunity to spread the word about our organisation to a broader audience. Sipho Madolo, our programme manager attended the conference and assisted the team in manning the stand and representing


 The stand was very sophisticated with the design showcasing Investec Asset Management support for  In addition to the beautiful design, and activation was introduced to draw as many of the 1500 key delegates to the stand. The activation centered around a wattbike competition where the participants stood a chance to win a full set of cycling kit. The activation was very popular, and it gave Sipho the opportunity to chat to many of the delegates.

 Investec Asset Management Stand

“It was a great experience for me, as I was in a different environment talking about and informing others around me about what we do and how we help the kids. As well as meeting new people throughout the conference it gave me the opportunity to spend time and get to know others from the broader Investec Asset Management team, making the relationship between the two organisations stronger.’’ Sipho Madolo

 Investec Asset Management Stand

Not only were we able to spread the name of and share what we do but Sipho had the privilege of handing over 9 bicycles to one of the local organisations on behalf of Investec Asset Management, The Durban Child and Youth Care Centre. It was fantastic to see the joy on the children’s faces when they received the bikes, knowing how much they are going to enjoy them.

 Durban Child and Youth Care CentreDurban Child and Youth Care Centre

Thank you so much to Investec Asset Management for the opportunity of having Sipho there, representing And thank you to Sipho for inspiring so many people and being such an essential part of the team.