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Attakwas extreme MTB Challenge

03 Feb 2016

I kicked off the 2016 season with Attakawas. It was windy, rough and hard. Its cool to actually see how the body responds after hours and hours of training in December and January leading upto this race.

I had a lot of expectations this time, but things just didn't go the way I wanted from the very beginning of the race. I think it was just not my day. Started at the back of the A group and that put me in a situation where I had to make my way to the front, which is always difficult if you want to race for a good position. I tried as hard as I could to get to the front, even though people are so aggressive in this race.

I think I went out a bit too hard at the beginning trying to get to the front. As I was getting closer and closer the pace was just getting harder and I just couldn't keep up the pace anymore. Tried to work with a few guys but it just didn't workout as it seemed like they are just fighting for survival. Everytime I was not at the front the pace would drop. Then I rode on my own again going to waterpoint 3 and thats where I blew so badly. I think I went to hard with not much eating. After taking some potatos and lot of coke at waterpoint 3 I started to feel really good, but I was all by myself and riding into a headwind to the finish so that didn't really help. I finished the race in just over 6hours.

On the first race there is always something to learn from. The positivity is how the body responded on its first race especially with not much rest leading to it. Am not happy about how the race went, but that's how it goes sometimes.

The main goal of this season is Epic and the preparations seem to be working well. The next stop is the first Nationls in Mankele.

I really thank Team Spur for the support on the feedzones, BMT for accommodation and transport, and thanks also to, Specialized Bicycles South Africa and Biogen SA.