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And so it starts – Absa Cape Epic 2014: The prologue

24 Mar 2014

One thing is for certain; this Absa Cape Epic is going to be super exciting! With huge emphasis being placed by many on the rivalry and race to reach the landmark of 5 wins between Karl Platt and Susi there has been much speculation as to who will come out victorious.  

There is little doubt which side of the fence we are on & who we will be cheering loudest for. We believe in Susi & Franti – we know the heart that they race with and know that without a doubt they will do everything they can to achieve their goal of winning – it’s not about number 5, its about the win.

 songo kids

Our kids came out in full force to support their team proudly and eyes were glued to the TV screens as Franti & Susi navigated the prologue.

 With the kick off of today’s prologue, the nerves were apparent and of course very natural. For Franti, the start of the unknown would be naturally daunting no matter the meticulous preparation done.  Christoph & Franti rode out hard and finished the Prologue in 9th place 3:14 behind Jose Hermida & Rudi van Houts of Team Multivan Merida and 1:10 behind Karl Platt & Urs Huber.

 For Team Meerendal Songo Specialized – this is not a concern; the Epic is not won on the Prologue but can surely be lost on the prologue. Instead the team will be focusing on where their considerable strength lies, the next 7 days of back on back racing.

  Franti & Susi prologue

Susi & Franti crossing the line at the prologue. Photo credit: M Bissig

The Meerendal ladies teams had a strong showing on the home ground prologue with Esther Suss & Sally Bingham riding confidently into 2nd place, 2.09,03 behind Ariane Kleinhans and Annika Landvad of Team RECM.  Milena Landtwing & Hielke Elferink of team Meerendal Wheeler came in 4th place just under a minute behind Cape Brewing Company’s Jennie Stenerhag and Theresa Ralph in a time of 1:16,12

  Sipho and Azukile also had an excellent start to their Epic, with Azu finding the form that he has worked so hard for with a great result of coming 29th Overall in a time of 1:09.17,3 – a mere 10.09,3 off the leaders! We were super proud when we heard that Sipho and Azu had taken the Exxarro Jersey with a strong lead of 2:08 over the next team.  It’s early days, of course but this strong showing will boost Sipho & Azu’s confidence going into tomorrow stage which looks like it will be an extremely challenging one – not only for the distance (revised to 113km’s) and profile but also for the foreboding weather forecast.

 Azu prologue 

Azu dominating the prologue. Photo credit: Sportgraf

Wishing all the teams a great day out tomorrow, hoping that the weather gods play nicely and that you quickly find your rhythm. Stage 1 is always tough – hang in there!