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African Continental Championships - Rwanda: 10 May 2015

15 May 2015

Just before the 3rd round of the xco nationals I received the mail from CSA conforming that I've been selected for the SA team for African Champs in Rwanda. I was so excited to make the SA team for the first time for XCO. The preparations started and it's always a good feeling to prepare yourself for something big!

Monday 4th May flew to Rwanda with the SA team.  We arrived in Rwanda in the afternoon. It was great to get to know all the sa's top racers. The camaraderie and energy within the team was a revelation!

It was a privilege and a pleasure to fly our national colours in Rwanda and thanks to Cycling South Africa for the great opportunity.

Team dinner

Team dinner was always good fun. 


The team got to meet some of the local kids during the team photoshoot. 

Exploring Rwanda by bike

The best way to explore a new bike!

After a few days of having arrived in Rwanda - I, along with some other team members picked up some stomach problems which made me really scared. After all the preparations, I was really worried about getting better before the race but luckily by Saturday my stomach started feeling better and now I could get really excited for the race.

Sunday at 11:00 the gun went off & with 7 laps ahead of us, I had a good start. My legs didn't feel too bad on the climb and I was feeling comfortable at the top before going into the first single track. There was a small crash just ahead of me at the start of the single track so I lost few seconds there but nothing too serious. Unfortunately, with the next few laps, my worst fears came true & I think the stomach bug came back to haunt me. I just felt like all my power was drained and with the high altitude making things worse, I just started to suffer. I tried my best, dug deep and managed to make up quite few positions on the 5th and 6th lap but that was not enough. In the end, I finished 14th which I was a bit disappointed with because I know I can do better than that. Even with the disappointment, it was an amazing trip & opportunity & I want to say thanks to Oom Bryan for the great support throughout the week.

Well done to James and Bianca for the win and thanks to Cycling South Africa for the opportunity. Also a huge thanks to, Specialized South Africa & Biogen for the continued support & belief in me.