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Absa Cape Epic: 2014 Stage 5 - The Queens stage

28 Mar 2014

Christoph & Franti set about to reduce the lead of Topeak-Ergon Racing by forming a break away with team Torpado Factory and Scott-Odlo. Very frustratingly the team was again struck with the bad luck of punctures and lost the minutes that they had worked so hard to take back.

Susi & Franti

Franti & Christoph pushing hard to make up the lost time. Photo credit: Martin Bissig

Once again the amazing show of dedication & loyalty by Meerendal songo Specialized 2 & Team RECM need to be called out.  Meerendal songo Specialized 2’s Ben Bostrom  & Paolo Montoya did not stop at any of the water points yesterday and many of the water points today in order to ensure that they were able to be close enough in order be close enough to help out just in case and Erik Kleinhans & Nico Bell who gave up the African leaders jersey dream in order to lend a new wheel mid stage. These are great acts of selflessness and a real show of the great friendships and teamwork surrounding team Meerendal-Songo-Specialized.

Ben & Paulo

Paulo & Ben have supported Christoph and Franti selflessly throughout the Epic. Photo Credit: Martin Bissig

 Azu & Sipho lined up at the start this morning with a fair level on nerves and respect for todays stage but by they time they came past us at water point 1 they had relaxed, full of smiles at our cheering and were riding strong. The brutal stage ended for them in a sprint finish with the Exxaro/ PwC team just inching across the line ahead of them.  While their hold on the Exxaro jersey has again been reduced to roughly 3min, Sip and Azu have a definite advantage of knowing the trails in the Oak Valley area and they are sure to hit the stage hard.

Sipho Stage 5

 Sipho full of smiles as he leads into water point 1. Photo credit: Martin Bissig

Tomorrow is going to be another nail biting day – as always we will be cheering loudly and willing all our teams forward with speed and great strength.